School of Chemical & Environmental Engineering

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School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering consists of three departments, namely Department of Mineral Processing Engineering, Department of Environmental and Biological Engineering, and Department of Chemical Engineering, together with a laboratory on clean coal processing and low-carbon application, a research center on coal-based slurry fuel engineering under the Ministry of Education, as well as a public infrastructure laboratory.

At present, the School has a total of 75 faculty and staff members, including 22 professors and 25 associate professors. Students of all kinds amount to 1,800, among whom over 100 are doctoral students and more than 600 are graduate students.

The School boasts of a national key discipline (Mineral Processing Engineering), 2 Beijing municipal key disciplines (Environmental Engineering and Clean Energy Science), 20 master's programs and 10 doctoral programs in fields of Mineral Processing, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering, etc. The School enrolls undergraduate students in six fields including Mineral Processing Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, and Bio-Engineering.

In recent years, the School has taken on more than 80 national research projects, such as "973" Project, "863" Project and the National Natural Science Foundation projects, with scientific research funds of nearly 50 million RMB per year.

The School has laid a solid research foundation in fields of coal processing technology and equipment, the CWS techniques, research and development of coal-based carbon materials, coal conversion and clean application, solid oxide fuel cells, pollutant control of coal burning, environmental pollution treatment in coal processing and conversion process, as well as ecological restoration of mines. In recent years, the School has obtained a number of leading research achievements in the above fields.

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