2012 China Roots and Shoots Summit Held at CUMT-Beijing

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On November 4, 2012 China Roots and Shoots Summit was held at CUMT-Beijing, with its theme of “Green Dream with Dr. Jane Goodall”.

The famous British animal behaviorist, 78-year-old Dr. Jane Goodall, delivered a keynote speech at the meeting. She talked about her experience of chimpanzees research in Gombe National Forest Park in Tanzania of Africa over 50 years ago, profoundly expounded the importance of interdependence between humans and the environment. By telling her personal experience, she encouraged young people to participate in environmental protection and make their own contributions to this career. The audience, moved by the speech, showed respect to the outstanding lady who had made tireless commitment to environmental protection. CUMT-Beijing Vice-president ZHU Shuquan made an address.

Roots and Shoots Environmental Education Project, sponsored by Jane Goodall Institute, is an international environmental education project facing more than 100 countries around the world, the aim of which is to motivate students, community and business members to actively participate in environmental protection, animal protection and humane care actions.

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