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Welcome to China University of Mining and Technology-Beijing!

China University of Mining and Technology-Beijing is a national key university under direct supervision of the Ministry of Education, and has been listed into the national “211 Project” and the “985 Project Innovation Platform of Preponderant Disciplines”. CUMT-Beijing is located on Xueyuan Road, the university zone in Haidian District of Beijing, with the National Olympic Park to the east and the Summer Place, the Yuanmingyuan Ruins Park and Xiangshan Park to the west.

The predecessor of CUMT was Jiaozuo School of Railroad and Mines in 1909, and it was renamed China Institute of Mining and Technology (CIMT) in 1950, becoming the first mining institution of higher education. During its one hundred-year history, the university has moved 14 times, and changed its name 11 times. Through the hardship, the university has grown stronger and progressed from one generation to another with persistent will. With a century development,the university has formed its motto of “Innovation and Rigorous Pursuit”, the spirit of being “Diligent, Dependable, Enterprising and Dedicatory”, the teaching style of “Promotion of Spiritual Civilization and Talent Cultivation” and the learning style of “ Devotion to Study and Practice”. For centuries, a large number of celebrities have emerged from CUMT, who are academic masters, entrepreneurial elites and influential figures of society; for centuries, CUMT has made great explorations in scientific research, conquered technical problems with first-class achievements in science and technology and great contributions to energy and safety technology.

After the unremitting efforts, CUMT-Beijing has grown into a national key university featuring in mining and work safety, with priority to engineering among other disciplines of science, liberal arts, management, laws and economy. In recent years, the university has actively built the “elite education pattern” for energy industry, balanced the development between graduate education and undergraduate education, and constantly improved the quality of teaching. At present, the total number of students at CUMT-Beijing amounts to 13,000, including 5935 graduate students, 5253 undergraduate students and 1972 adult education students. Its education quality has been significantly improved, forming relatively great diversity of disciplines with distinctive mining feature. Some of the key disciplines are close to or have reached the world’s advanced level with the feature of multidisciplinary and coordinated development of the discipline system. Owing to the improved capability of technical innovation, a total of 21 national Science and Technology Awards have been achieved in recent years, which is among the best universities in China. The university has vigorously implemented the opening-up strategy and continued to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation. MOU has been signed with dozens of world-renowned universities and scientific research institutions such as the University of Nottingham in the UK, Pennsylvania State University in U.S.A, the U.S. Northwest Pacific National Laboratory, the Russian Academy of Engineering, University of Mining and Technology in Moscow, Munich University of Technology in Germany, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Australia and so on; as the university has been included in “the national program of sending graduates to high-level universities on a government sponsorship”, some of the students studied in world well-known universities such as the University of Cambridge, Pennsylvania State University, University of Michigan, University of Berlin and Waseda University in Japan. The university also successfully held many international conferences such as the 64th Annual Meeting of the International Coal Petrology Committee and the 29th Annual Meeting of International Society for Organic Petrology (ICCP-TSOP), continuously improving its international influence.

On the new historical threshold, we will further strengthen the opening up strategy, focus on content building and improve its education quality. We will strive to build it into an open, multi-disciplinary and research-oriented high-level university with mining and safety features which is influential both at home and abroad.

At the same time, we also sincerely wish that friends from all fields both at home and abroad would, as always, care for and support the university development in order to together create a brilliant future of China University of Mining and Technology-Beijing!

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