School of Law & Humanities

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The School of Law and Humanities has been adjusted and reorganized in April 2004, mainly focusing on the discipline construction, personnel training and scientific research in the area of human & social science and foreign language. It has 4 academic master programs, respectively in Economic Law, Administrative Management, Linguistics & Applied Linguistics and English Language & Literature, 2 specialized master programs including MIT and MPA, and 3 undergraduate programs including Administrative Management, English and Law (involving foreign elements). In addition, the School of Law and Humanities also undertakes the teaching task of English and human & social science for doctoral students, master students and undergraduate students.

There are 3 departments under the School of Law and Humanities, i.e., Department of Foreign Language, Department of Administrative Management and Department of Law. The School now hosts 51 faculty and staff members. Among them there are 3 professors, 7 associate professors, 32 lecturers, 5 teaching assistants, 5 part-time professors and 3 part-time associate professors. At present, the total student number of the School is 614, of which 397 are undergraduate students and 217 are graduate students. Teachers of the School have all obtained master degree or above, of whom 13 hold Ph. D. and 4 are Ph.D. candidates. The School of Law and Humanities are well equipped with facilities for teaching and research, including 4 language teaching laboratories such as language lab, multimedia language lab, multimedia teaching activity room and foreign language self-learning center, and 1 moot court. The advanced multiple-functional teaching facilities and sufficient teaching resources can fully satisfy the demand of students training. In addition, the School has its own library, covering up to 12667 volumes of books and 106 volumes of periodicals in the fields of foreign language, social sciences, law and management.

The School adheres to the principle of people-oriented education and moral education as the priority and improves its teaching quality continuously. Over the past few years, it has kept strengthening undergraduate education and personnel training, realizing the parallel development and effective connection between graduate education and undergraduate education to achieve development and mutual promotion of both teaching and scientific research. Centering on the target and orientation of the university as well as the building of education system for energy industry elites, the School has carried out deep discussion on educational thoughts, improved teaching methods, and brought in advanced educational concepts, which has created harmonious and interactive cultural environment for students’ development and boosted the talent cultivation quality continuously.

The School of Law and Humanities emphasizes overall development of students, focusing not only on classroom teaching, but also on the cultivation of students’ ideology and morality, physical quality. The Communist Youth League Committee of the School carries out regular recreational activities to enhance the campus cultural environment, which has raised students’ artistic cultivation, enriched their extracurricular life, strengthened team spirit and improved their quality of overall development, providing effective guarantee for the training of qualified socialist builders and reliable successors in an all-round way.

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