School of Energy and Mining Engineering

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The predecessor of the School of Energy and Mining Engineering was the “Resource Development Engineering Department,” which was established in April 1998 on the basis of the Mining Research Laboratory, the Geological Professional Committee, the Measurement Research Office, the Mine Construction Research Office, the Geotechnical Institute, and the High Water Institute. In June 2002, it was renamed “College of Resources and Safety Engineering.”In December 2018, the School of Resources and Safety Engineering was renamed the “School of Energy and Mining Engineering,” in which the safety engineering discipline was set up independently.It consists of the Department of Mining Engineering, the Department of Resource Engineering, the Top-Coal Caving Industry Engineering Research Center, the Roadway Support and Disaster Prevention Coal Industry Engineering Research Center, and the Sustainable Development and Energy Policy Research Center.The college enrolls undergraduates majoring in mining engineering and industrial engineering, among which mining engineering is a national-level specialty major.The discipline of mining engineering is the key construction discipline of the national “Project 211”, “985 Engineering Advantage Discipline Innovation Platform,” and “World-class Discipline Construction.” It has ranked first in the national discipline assessment for four consecutive times.The college has a special discipline for the mining engineering “Chang Jiang Scholars Program”,Post-doctoral research mobile station for mining engineering,three doctoral programs in mining engineering, resource development and planning, and engineering management,Master's Degree in Mining Engineering.

The college has one national experimental teaching demonstration center, one national engineering practice education center, one Beijing off-campus talent training base, and one Beijing Key Laboratory for Precision Exploitation of Associated Energy. The major of mining engineering has passed the engineering certification of the Ministry of Education.

The School of Energy and Mining Engineering has a high-level faculty with more than fifty staff, including five academicians (including three double academicians), fifteen professors and nineteen associate professors.Among the faculty members, one The National May 1st Labor Medal winner, one national advanced worker, two members of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council Review Group, two Sun Yue-Qi Energy Award winners, and two members of the Ministry of Education Teaching Guidance Committee, one “Chang Jiang Scholars Program” Distinguished Professor, one project leader of National Key R& D Program in the 13th Five-Year Plan, three young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions from the state, two people were selected into the National "Millions of Talents Project", one national excellent teacher, one the SYD S. PENG Award for Strata Control in Mining winner, one the Ministry of Education "Young Teachers Award in Colleges and Universities" winner, one person enrolled in the "Cross-Century Talents Training Program" of the Ministry of Education, two people were selected into the Ministry of Education's "Supporting Plan for Excellent Talents in the New Century", one Distance Education Famous Teacher Award of Ministry of Coal winner, six National Coal Youth Science and Technology Award winners, five Sun Yue-Qi Youth Science and Technology Award winners, one Sun Yue-Qi Postdoctoral Award winner, two Beijing University Teaching Famous Teacher Award winners, two Excellent Teachers in Beijing, one person selected for Beijing Science and Technology Nova Program, two of them were selected as Beijing Excellent Talents Training Assistance, two persons selected for Youth Talents Promotion Project, four persons, received special allowances from the State Council Government.

Our college has obvious advantages in disciplines and fruitful achievements in teaching and scientific research.Over the past five years, more than thirty academic works have been published, more than eight hundred academic papers have been published, more than two hundred papers have been included in SCI, more than two hundred papers in EI, and more than eighty national invention patents have been published.The faculty has won more than eighty awards at and above the provincial and ministerial levels, including one first prize and two second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, one second prize of the National Natural Science Award, two special prizes of the provincial and ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award, eight first prizes, more than forty second prizes and more than twenty third prizes.At present, there are more than one hundred ten research projects, including more than forty national-level projects such as the 13th Five-Year Plan key research and development projects, projects and key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation.The College has won one second-class award for national teaching achievements, two top-quality courses in Beijing and one top-quality textbook for universities in Beijing.

The College of Energy and Mining Engineering, currently has 1045 students, including 492 undergraduates, 446 masters, and 107 doctors.Two of them were honored as Master of Engineering Degree recipients with outstanding contributions. Five of them were awarded the title of "Excellent Student Cadre in Beijing," ten "Three Good Students in Beijing" winners and three "Excellent League Members in Beijing" winners. The League Committee of the College has won the title of "May 4th Red Banner League Committee" in the national coal industry, the title of "Becoming Excellent by Reaching Standards" and "Red Banner League Committee" in the Beijing Communist Youth League, and the Excellent Organizational Award in the Competition of "Becoming Excellent by Reaching Standards" in Beijing.Three League branches were awarded the "May 4th Red Banner" Advanced League Branch of the Communist Youth League, and eleven League Branches were awarded the "Beijing Pioneer Cup Advanced League Branch." Eight classes were awarded "Beijing Advanced Class Collective." In the past three years, undergraduates have won one hundred awards and thirty-two patents in various disciplines competitions. In the past five years, the rate of graduates’ further education and the number of students going abroad have increased year by year (65% in 2018). The employment rate has stabilized at over 97%.

The College of Energy and Mining Engineering takes talent training, scientific and technological research and technical service as its mission, actively promotes the construction of world-class universities and disciplines, and strives to build the college into a high-level research institute with first-class teachers, students and achievements.

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