CUMTB Convenes 2022 Foreign Affairs Working Meeting

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On the afternoon of March 22, CUMTB convened the 2022 Foreign Affairs Working Meeting.Vice President Wang Jiachen attended the meeting and delivered a speech, with key representatives and relevant personnel from various schools, key laboratories, Office of Academic Affairs, the Graduate School, and International Cooperation and Exchange Office in attendance .

Wang Jiachen emphasized that upholdingthe“opening-up” policy, enhancing international academic exchanges and deep cooperation, and elevating the international reputation of the university and its disciplines are the responsibilities of a world-class university. While our university has achieved some successes in international exchanges and cooperation, there is still considerable room for improvement, with disparities among different colleges and key laboratories. The recently released internationalization index data for the university's secondary units can help identify areas for improvement, fostering the advancement of first-class disciplines and the development of foreign affairs initiatives. Regarding the expansion of international cooperation and exchanges, Wang Jiachen suggested that schools actively leverage and understand international educational resources to facilitate two-way exchanges, encouraging more extensive and profound collaborations between Chinese and foreign professors. He proposed active participation in and hosting of international conferences, increase of joint training projects, establishment of diverse international cooperation platforms across multiple levels and fields, and advancement of collaborative scientific research projects. Utilizing various forms of talent introduction programs was also recommended to attract prominent scholars for visits and exchanges. Recognizing the importance of international academic organizations and leveraging the roles of key personnel were highlighted to enhance the influence and discourse power of the university, and even the country. Wang Jiachen stressed the meaningfulness of international education work and advocated the active recruitment and cultivation of outstanding international students pursuing academic degrees in China.

Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office,Ms.Yang Ying, chaired the meeting and provided feedbackson the internationalization indicator data for each school and laboratory in 2021. She also introduced the drafting background and goals and tasks of the medium and long-term education plan (draft) for international students studying in China. Opinions were sought from the participants during the meeting. Additionally, the training for the 2022 annual foreign expert project application and the implementation training for the student overseas study exchange management system were conducted.

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