CUMTB Earns Accolades: Five 'Top-quality Undergraduate Courses' and Four 'Top-quality Undergraduate Textbooks and Courseware' in Beijing

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Recently, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission announced the recipients of the 2022 'Top-quality Undergraduate Courses' and 'Top-quality Undergraduate Textbooks and Courseware' awards for Beijing universities. Our university's course 'Engineering Mechanics B2' from the School of Mechanics & Civil Engineering was honored as a key 'Top-quality Undergraduate Course.' Additionally, four courses received recognition as 'Top-quality Undergraduate Courses': 'Rock Mechanics and Mine Pressure' from the School of Emergency Management and Safety Engineering, 'Fundamentals of Error Theory and Measurement Adjustment' (online course), 'Land Reclamation' from the School of Geosciences & Surveying Engineering, and 'Sociology' from the School of Law & Humanities. Furthermore, four textbooks (courseware) were acknowledged as 'Top-quality Undergraduate Textbooks and Courseware': 'Modern Geotechnical Testing Technology' from the School of Energy and Mining Engineering, 'Petrology' from the School of Geosciences & Surveying Engineering, 'Principles and Implementation of Computer Graphics' from the School of Mechanical Electronic & Information Engineering, and 'Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics' from the School of Mechanics & Civil Engineering.

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