CUMTB Students Excel in National and Beijing Energy Conservation Competitions

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Winners of the 15th '600 Light Years Cup' National College Students' Social Practice and Science and Technology Contest on Energy Conservation & Emission Reduction, as well as the 4th Beijing Municipal College Students' Social Practice and Science and Technology Contest on Energy Conservation, Water Saving, Low Carbon Emission Reduction, were recently announced. CUMTB students showcased outstanding performance, achieving excellent results in both competitions.

In the National Contest on Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, 34 students from five teams, guided byinstructors Yu Caihong & Ma Yan, Zhang Liping & Bu Qingwei, Zhang Kai, Bu Qingwei & Zhang Liping, Zhao Feng & Liu Zhenhan, achieved the national third prize. Additionally, CUMTB secured the Excellent Organization Award for the sixth consecutive year.

In the Beijing Municipal Contest on Energy Conservation, Water Saving, and Low Carbon Emission Reduction, 93 students from CUMTB excelled in various teams. Under the guidance of instructors Zheng Xutao, Wang Meng, Feng Ping, Li Chunquan & Sun Zhiming, four teams secured the first prize; guided by Wang Jianbing, Liang Dingcheng, Wang Huijiao & Hou Pin, Zhao Wei & Zang Jie, Liu Yang, Zhao Feng, and Xu Chao, seven teams earned the second prize; and under the guidance of Zhang Liping & Bu Qingwei, Yu Caihong, and Bu Qingwei & Zhang Liping, three teams received the third prize. This achievement places CUMTB at the forefront among Beijing universities in terms of both award level and winning rate. Moreover, CUMTB has received the Excellent Organization Award for the fourth consecutive year.

The National College Students Social Practice and Science and Technology Contest, fully embodying the theme of 'energy conservation, emission reduction, and green energy,' is closely aligned with national energy and environmental policies and addresses major national needs. The competition's core values include 'lighting the life, blooming the soul.' Organized by the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, it stands out as the sole national event under their auspices and ranks among the top competitions in the national university competition rankings. This year witnessed the participation of 623 universities, with student participants surpassing 46,000 for the first time, and a total of 6,233 valid works were submitted. It has evolved into a pivotal, demonstrative, and widely participated national competition for college students.

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